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I am so thankful this sweet girl came into my life many years ago. She even had an embarrassing story about me!!

Peyton it was an honor to take your pictures. I wish you nothing but the best!!!

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I Dare You!

My family went to the lake for Thanksgiving on Saturday then I finished up my nephews senior session. We wanted some down by the water but it was direct sun so I knew we couldn’t get much. When we walked down the ramp we saw the courtsey dock was pretty much under water and what wasn’t under water the waves were splashing over it.

Then my nephew says, “anything for the shot right?” And I took that as a challenge. So I jumped from the shore onto the dock and carefully made my way to the center. I heard my sister in law ask if my shoes were water proof. If you look closely you can see the water coming between the slats.

So you’re wondering what I was shooting? Yes, it’s direct sun. Yes, he’s squinting. No, I wouldn’t normally shoot here. Yes, I couldn’t back down from a challenge that my nephew threw my way.

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We had a hot and sunny evening for Brandon’s session but the end result was great. I knew his mom, Jane from our Oakley Co-ed softball days so it was nice to catch up with her.

Brandon thank you for choosing ctp and I hope your senior year is amazing. Good luck with football and don’t run me over on the sideline!!

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I was shocked by the number of students who signed up for back to school picture. Forty-three kids this year!!!

This year each student was able to signup their favorite teacher to win a gift card to buy school supplies. However, with so many kids I decided to draw two names.

First up was Bella Cheney and her favorite teacher is Mrs. Rundel at Colby High a school. Mrs. Rundel wins a $50 gift card of her choice. 

The second name I pulled was Ms. Moorhous from Tri-Plains. She was entered into the drawing by Cort Collins. She wins a $25 gift card!!  

Thank you to everyone who came out for pictures. It was great to see how all the students have grown since last year. Have a wonderful year and I’ll see you all next time!

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