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I’m not sure what I’ll do without having a Rains boy on my schedule again.  Morgan was the third one to be in front of my camera and just like his brother’s sessions we had a great time.  I can’t thank them all enough for trusting me with their senior years!

Rains, Morgan_0048Rains, Morgan_0105Rains, Morgan_0204Rains, Morgan_0270Rains, Morgan_0356Rains, Morgan_0358Rains, Morgan_0420Rains, Morgan_1187-2Rains, Morgan_1328Rains, Morgan_1345Rains, Morgan_1439Rains, Morgan_1444

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Cutter ~ Class of 2019

Cutter’s mom and I only get to see each other a couple times a year which means when we do get together we are both talking 100 mph and we cover a wide range of topics. Some Cutter probably wishes he didn’t have to hear, but he takes it like a champ and laughs when he should and rolls his eyes when things get too deep!

Cutter it was an absolute pleasure taking your pictures.  I wish you the best!!

Kvasnicka, Cutter_0013-2Kvasnicka, Cutter_0021Kvasnicka, Cutter_0051Kvasnicka, Cutter_0117Kvasnicka, Cutter_0207Kvasnicka, Cutter_0237Kvasnicka, Cutter_0276Kvasnicka, Cutter_0330Kvasnicka, Cutter_0347Kvasnicka, Cutter_0404Kvasnicka, Cutter_0414

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I’ve watched Xavier play football and basketball for years but didn’t have the chance to meet him until our session. What a great kid!! I always say CTP has the best clients and Xavier backs up my claim!! Thank you for choosing me.

All of Xavier’s hard work and his families dedication has paid off when he heads to Fort Hays to play football. Congrats!!

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When you have a business you never know who you might be able to reconnect with. Not only was Gabby’s aunt Tia in my class but her mom was my basketball teammate. Who would have thought 20 years ago when we were being tortured by Coach Beckman’s drills we’d one day meet back up for senior pictures.

I sure enjoyed catching up with Kyra and meeting Gabby. Thank you for choosing me!!

This is my favorite shot.

And just so you know we do not have any fun during sessions. Very serious.

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We finished up Tanners session at the lake on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a perfect day before the blizzard rolled in the next day.

I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and shooting more in full sun. I was very happy with the way these turned out.

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My favorite part of this business is when the families become friends. I was honored Micheline choose me for a second time. For Jeffrey’s session we headed south of Oakley to the lake. Water access was shut down because of blue green algae so we found places just off the road to stop.

Jeffrey is tall and this massive tree made him look small. It was such a fun find that I had to snap a shot of him with it.

This shot was all Jeffrey’s idea. And don’t worry it’s photoshop not graffiti.

On our way home we saw this pretty Bambi on the side of the road.

When we got back to our cars I noticed the sun coming through the shop windows across the street. I had to shoot there.

I love to learn about the interests that my clients have and when I heard about Jeffrey being an EMT I knew we had to shoot at the ambulance barn.

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When scheduling a session you don’t know what to expect with the weather. Luckily for Shaylynn’s session it was an awesome day. What made it even better was these beautiful little yellow flowers were in bloom. When I found this spot (thank you Lisa) I knew I had to use my grandma’s old purple chair out in the field. She would have just been so tickled I used it.

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Before Darien’s session I only knew him from watching Oakley wrestling. The dual came down to his match and the whole gym was cheering. I got a great picture of the support the team gives the boys on the mat. Darien won his match and the duel for his team.

Darien is a fire fighter for the Grinnell department.

Along with his dad.

I am extremely lucky to have the Dilka’s as clients.

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I was very excited for Tanner’s session. Not only is he my nephew but I was also going to be back at the race track. I grew up dirt track racing and married into it. It’s been 4 years since my husband quit racing which means it’s been 4 years since I’ve gone racing.

This session was going to be completely different than any session I’ve done before. Pretty much I followed him around the pits at the races and snapped shots. A few posed and more candid.

And since I’m his aunt it’s my job to post embarrassing pics of him from when his uncle and I got married in 2008. He was 8.

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