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New Sign 

My Christmas list last year was short. All I wanted was my ctp sign placed by the highway to tell clients where I live. After figuring wrong on the first sign I finally ordered the right size. I got home last night and found this!!!!!!

There is also a sign at the south side of our farm so clients traveling from the south can see it. I feel official now. 

With a new sign I will no longer need to place my lime green chair by our driveway. That was my “sign” for clients that they had arrived.  A couple years ago we had an unseasonably warm thanksgiving and I offered 10 mini sessions to families. For those four days my green chair was by our driveway a lot. Well during one session a lady pulled in my drive and offered to buy it. She had seen it sitting there a few evenings and thought I wanted to sell it. 

So green chair it has been a great 5 years but you are now officially retired from your driveway duties. 

The green chair was even the subject during the workshop on the farm that I hosted.

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