I finished the Senior season with Jordan.  I seem to say it in each post but I lucked out this year and had great weather almost every session. Much different than the summer of 2017 when it seemed every session had to be rescheduled.

Jordan thank you for choosing me for your senior session! I have enjoyed getting to know you and your mom this year. Best of luck to you!

Katt, Jordan_0093Katt, Jordan_0259Katt, Jordan_0319Katt, Jordan_0107Katt, Jordan_0012

Oh this kid!! I get the best clients let me tell you!! He made me laugh with his silly faces and quick wit.

Thank you Ryan for a great session and thank you for choosing me!

Voss, Ryan_0042I feel he needs to be modeling……Voss, Ryan_0086Voss, Ryan_0182Voss, Ryan_0216Voss, Ryan_0380Voss, Ryan_0421Voss, Ryan_0475Voss, Ryan_0516

We had the perfect night for Dayne’s session.  The light was make a photographer cry with happiness type of light!!

Thank you for choosing me Dayne & Erin!! It was such a pleasure getting to know you both this year!

Hall, Dayne_0181Hall, Dayne_0269Hall, Dayne_0297Hall, Dayne_0325Hall, Dayne_0356Hall, Dayne_0392

Brice took me to the most amazing place EVER!!! If I had this property I would never have to leave for a shoot.  So beautiful and much different than where I live even though it’s just 50 miles away.

Thank you for choosing me for your Senior session. Ottley, Brice_0086Ottley, Brice_0125Ottley, Brice_0232This is my favorite from his session. Ottley, Brice_0244Ottley, Brice_0278Ottley, Brice_0354Imagine this view everyday! ❤ Ottley, Brice_0383Ottley, Brice_0427Ottley, Brice_0456

A beautiful evening to work with Caiden for her session.  I love working with her family. I seriously have the best clients!

Best of luck to you!!

Showalter, Caiden_0027Showalter, Caiden_0042Showalter, Caiden_0151Showalter, Caiden_0185Showalter, Caiden_0201Showalter, Caiden_0111

I’ve had the honor of being the photographer for Jakob and his 3 siblings. So blessed that clients continue to come to me for senior sessions.

Jakob your session was so much fun and I’m so glad I also got to see you play football!! Nice to see players give 100% all the time.  Best of luck to you!Bley, Jakob_0009Bley, Jakob_0115Bley, Jakob_0099Bley, Jakob_0310Bley, Jakob_0466

I am so thankful this sweet girl came into my life many years ago. She even had an embarrassing story about me!!

Peyton it was an honor to take your pictures. I wish you nothing but the best!!!